• pvc slatwall panel
    Slatwall Panel
    It can be use in panel fastening system, plastic slatwall, garage and store decoration and much more.
  • Bend Handrails
    Green, colorful, flexible and easy installation.
  • Louvre Blade
    Waterproof and sunscreen, for wet areas and outdoor.


Cellular uPVC mainly used in building materials, with light, flame retardant, dampproof, waterproof, etc. It can be heated curved shape, elegant appearance, and can be sticky, nails, etc, easy to install. So it widely used in decorative corner, jamb, ceiling, fencing and other construction purposes...Which you already known. Here's our advantage:

  1. Focus

    We devote our mind to it and do our best for better performance day by day.

  2. Custom Made

    We can produce Cellular uPVC profiles according to your design.

  3. Environment Friendly

    All raw materials are environmentally friendly.

  4. Stable Performance

    We do not use recycled materials in order to ensure stable performance.