• Microfoam inside with hard smooth surface.
  • Celuka* process.
  • Is often called “PVC lumber”, (an excellent substitute for wood products in many applications).
  • Less dense than solid rigid PVC and as a result is more economical, density often covers 0.5~1.0g/cm^3, (solid rigid PVC :1.4g/cm^3).

*The Celuka process differs from another method used in the industry, notably the free foaming process. Under the free foaming process, profiles have a more evenly distributed density across its cross section, but sacrifice the hard smooth surface finish more commonly associated with the Celuka process and products manufactured by Grandy Plastics.

Cellular PVC Profiles
  • Density:0.7g/cm^3
  • ROHS meet
  • ASTM meet
  • Can be recycled


Cellular PVC Banister (wood-like)
  • Colorful wood-like based on cellular PVC Materials.
  • ROHS meet
  • Replace wood materials with nature source cost
  • Can be recycled 100%
  • Tight weight with density is 0.6~0.8g/cm3.


Cellular PVC Profile
  • ROHS Meet
  • Density covers, 0.5~0.6g/cm3
  • Surface smooth, the same hardness with solid Cellular uPVC profile
  • Cost save
  • After-process same as wood products
  • Widely used in door and windows section, architecture profile, etc.


Cellular PVC Inner Wall Hanging Board
  • Used in super market, private car barn etc. to hang goods or tools.
  • Tight weight with good physics
  • Good appearance
  • Environmental friendly


Cellular Wood/Plastics Decorative Board
  • Wood like with tight weight
  • Supply different wood grain products
  • Fire resistance
  • No fungi birth
  • ROHS meet